by By Kelly Kuhns
From left to right: Allie Kuhns, Kelly Kuhns, and Amelia Kuhns (photo by Kelly Kuhns) From left to right: Allie Kuhns, Kelly Kuhns, and Amelia Kuhns (photo by Kelly Kuhns)

By Kelly Kuhns

In a heartwarming testament to the power of perseverance and family support, the Kuhns family from Limon, Co. is celebrating a remarkable series of academic accomplishments across two generations. From high school diplomas to a PhD in criminal justice leadership, their journey reflects dedication, resilience, and a shared commitment to lifelong learning and helping others.

Amelia Kuhns, the youngest of the graduates, has achieved a significant milestone by graduating with both a high school diploma from Limon High School and an Associate’s of Arts degree from Morgan Community College. Her dedication to academic excellence and determination to excel have paved the way for a promising future filled with opportunities as she will attend Metropolitan State University in the fall. She will be starting her professional career with State Farm Insurance in Colorado Springs this summer. Amelia aspires to major in personal finance.

Her older sister, Allie Kuhns, recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis in criminology and social work from Adams State University. Allie worked for the Albany County Sheriff’s Office for two years and now is employed with the Child Development Center in Natrona County. She will be pursuing her Master’s Degree next year. Allie’s career choices are a testament to her hard work and dedication to blending her studies with real-world experiences to help make the lives of others better.

The Kuhns family's academic journey is marked by a pinnacle of success embodied in Kelly Kuhns, the matriarch of their close-knit unit. Reflecting on their collective achievements, Kelly expressed, "Education has always been a cornerstone of our family values. I was the first college graduate in my family, and it took me almost 25 years and three Universities to earn my Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Redlands. I firmly believe in the immense power of knowledge to transform lives and make a positive impact in our communities, regardless of how long it takes to get there."

As a seasoned educator, Kelly has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education, both in separating individuals from their potential as early as elementary school and in reuniting them with it while teaching in jail and prison. Quoting Frederick Douglass, she aptly noted, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." Yet, she emphasized the vital need for individuals who understand and can address both sides of this equation. Kelly's passion for restoring and improving lives led her to the realm of the criminal justice system, where she continues to make meaningful contributions. Her groundbreaking research on compassionate empathy and safety and dedication to leadership development and support of staff at the Colorado Department of Corrections have earned her accolades and recognition from peers and mentors alike.

The Kuhns family’s story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring learners, emphasizing the importance of determination, support from loved ones, and a steadfast commitment to personal and academic growth. As they celebrate these milestones, they look forward to continuing their journey of learning, helping others, and making meaningful contributions to society.

Congratulations to the Kuhns family on their extraordinary academic achievements!